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First KAP photos

9 Apr

The kite willingly tugged the Canon up into the sky and came back with a few shots. My settings weren’t optimal but some worked out. This morning I upgraded CHDK on the Canon and installed the KAP UAV Exposure Control script, which I think will work splendidly on our next outing. At any rate, here are our first KAP photos, top of Ravalli Hill:





Go Fly a Kite

9 Apr

I’ve recently become interested in KAP (kite aerial photography) and had a chance last night to try out a simple rig attached to our first “real” kite, a Prism Stowaway Delta. It’s a smallish 5′ delta wing kite that seems to fly at a very high angle. It had no problem lifting the Canon A2200 in winds that fluctuated between 10 and 15 mph.

Christine held the reel as I attached the camera rig in preparation for the flight:


Long shadows of KAPers on Ravalli Hill: