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Autostitch, a Panorama Tool

29 May

Here a few experimental shots from Sunday’s flight investigating the use of AutoStitch, a tool from the University of British Columbia. I’m think it will be incredibly useful when I upgrade the plane’s camera to the Gopro, allowing for the mapping of large areas. I plan to participate in a study of the restoration of riparian habitat in the area next fall, assisting the local school’s advanced biology students, so this is part of working out a useful system.

pano pano4 pano3 pano2


Island View

29 May

I flew Sunday over the Proctor Valley area and captured this image of Flathead Lake. Cromwell Island and Wild Horse Island are in the foreground and Bird Island near Finley Point is visible in the distance.  There were several raptors in the area riding thermals and the plane gained altitude very quickly, even with the camera payload aboard.


Spring Storm Clouds

26 May

From a late afternoon flight in the Mission Valley.


Into the Evening

18 May

I flew tonight at dusk with a light rain to test a new camera configuration. The results were mixed, but this image looking north caught my eye.