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As seen on TV…

25 Apr

I sent in some shots from the other evening to KPAX in Missoula. ┬áIt’s my hope that doing stuff like this will play a part in helping educate the general public about the positive potential of unmanned aerial vehicles and provide a counter balance to some of the negative fear-mongering going on out there in the media.



Southern Mission Valley

22 Apr

Looking toward the town of Saint Ignatius, MT with the Garden Wall in the background.


The Mission Mountains, Late Afternoon

22 Apr

Taken from the top of Ravalli hill from an altitude of about 200′. Cloud shadows move slowly across the valley floor and the mountains are covered with the remains of a spring snow.


Last Light, Ravalli Hill

22 Apr

Flying over Ravalli Hill, looking west as the sun nears the horizon. I was flying at this site earlier in the day and found a thermal that lifted me about 100′ over the course of a couple of minutes.


Afternoon Light

16 Apr

Christine captured this beautiful image of the launch site from Sunday’s photos. Montana is called the Big Sky country for a reason. Shot with Camera+ on the iPhone.

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Where the Buffalo Roam

15 Apr

Flying near the National Bison Range, Western Montana.


The Missions

15 Apr

The Mission Mountains range in the distance about 12 miles away.